What a long day…

We arrived on Kansai Airport around 09:00. After  all that flying, we were glad to be on solid ground again.
Now I know the food served in planes isn’t that great, but the meals we got were awful. Our evening meal was some sort of soaked rice with a bit of pork which tasted terrible, our breakfast was rösti with “I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-egg”…

At the airport we had to wait for around 20 minutes, after which we got eyescanned and fingerprinted again. Luckily the postoffice (for our hired simcard) and the ticket office (for our trainpass) were really simple to find so we boarded our bullet to our next stop


After around 3 hours we finally arrived in Hiroshima. Since we our last “meal” was on the plane we were starving by now. On Hiroshima station we jumped into a supermarket to grab some lunch, together with lemon/honey soda and cold tea.


Compared to the airplane food it was heaven! Finally we remembered again what “taste” was like. So there we were, enjoying our food outside if Hiroshima station. The weather was also great! Sunny and no clouds in the sky. 

We then decided to find the bus that would take us to the hotel, but I first had to find a place to dispose of our garbage. After walking in circles for a few minutes, the kind lady at the bus stop came up to me and told me I had to walk into the supermarket I’ve been walking past twice. She was right! Hidden in the corner of the store were the bins, and when I came back she even directed us to the next bus that would take us to our hotel.


After dropping off our luggage at the hotel we walked around Hiroshima Peace Park, which is a 1 minute walk from the hotel. Visited the museum, the dome and even the hypocenter, which is a bit hidden in a few streets away from the park( we were the only tourists there)

It was now almost dinnertime again so we did a quick visit to Hiroshima Castle (or at least the replica). We also ran into the Pokémon Center Hiroshima, which of course we payed a visit aswel.


And on our way back we ran into a Coco Curry house where we had a great meal. (interesting side note: Curry is the #1 dish in Japan)


After dinner we strolled around for a bit, grabbed some drinks and snacks at Family Mart, and headed back to the hotel to relax a bit. Although we were a bit tired, we’re both luckily not that much affected by the jetlag. That’s all for now, tomorrow morning we will be taking the boat to Miyajima (it’s where all the deer are!)

For now, Kanpai! (with cooled glasses from the hotel :-D)


2 thoughts to “What a long day…”

  1. Coco-curry is the one with the levelibgsystem right?
    Did you get to keep your levelprogress from the last trips?

    1. It’s indeed the place with the level rating! I’m guessing you keep your level from previous trips, but I didn’t go that high this time (Only a weak lvl 3 :-P)

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