The current trip will be my (Marcel) third time to Japan. The only difference compared to the previous trip is that this time I’ll not be going alone, I’ll also be bringing my girlfriend (Rhonja) 🙂

(For the 2011 trip, check vakantieblog.droogtwelweerop.nl)
(For the 2014 trip, check japanagain.droogtwelweerop.nl)


But what’s so special about this trip compared to the previous ones?:

  • No longer working as a Reliability Engineer. Right now I’m working for Polteq at Aegon as a Software Test Engineer
  • Not going solo this time! I figured Rhonja also wanted to come along this time so I’m taking her with me.
  • The trip will mainly be a mix of the previous two, since I want to show Rhonja all the good stuff, with several new things on the agenda.

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