Current Preparations!

Welcome to the blog!

The trip is almost there (just a few days left!) and of course a lot of preparations are already done.

The flight was booked over 6 months ago, since back then KLM had a pretty good deal on flights.
We made sure everything fitted in our holidays (since Rhonja has pre-determined days off) but we overlooked a small detail…

A few weeks after we booked we started making plans for our holiday, but at that time we noticed that during our trip Japan would have it’s “Golden week”.
The Golden week is a time were almost everybody in Japan has a week off from work. This means that it can be pretty crowded at tourist-spots during that time.
We’re not entirely sure how “bad” it’ll be, we’ve read stories ranging from “DON’T GO!!IT’LL BE HELL” to “no worries” about the golden week, but we’ll manage 🙂

Just to be safe we planned most of the stuff way ahead of time.
A small list of things that are already planned:

  • The tickets. We’ll be flying into Osaka and leaving from Tokyo. Not sure why I didn’t think of this last time, since it saves a lot of time traveling.
  • All the hotels. It made sense to at least have a place to sleep during the trip
  • JR-pass. Hopefully not (almost) forgetting it like last time
  • A reservation at Yakiniku Rokko. I ate here with Syb in 2011 and it was amazing. We tried to eat there in 2014 aswell, but unfortunately the place was full at that time.
  • Shirakawa-go bus tour. Also went on this one last time, but seeing this is during the Golden week we booked it way in advance