More shopping!

Today we headed towards Harajuku again. They have a pretty big store there with lots of cool stuff, but unfortunately yesterday it was closed.

When arriving at Harajuku station we immediately noticed it was a lot less crowded compared to yesterday.

We did some (tax free)  shopping there, so now I have two receipts stapled to my passport.

Afterwards we reserved some traintickets for our train towards the airport tomorrow. (it’s mandatory to reserve seats for that train. Found that out the hard way during my first trip)

Back in Akihabara we also did some more souvenir shopping


Loaded with bags we headed back to the hotel to have some lunch.

We had some onigiri, which itself is great, but the way it’s packaged is really cool!

Onigiri consists of a nori(seaweed) covered riceball which is filled with fish. Some brands just stuff the complete thing in plastic, but while it’s laying in the shelves waiting for you the nori gets kinda soggy.

Most use this neat packaging method which keeps the nori nice and crispy.


You start opening the onigiri by pulling at the 1,so it cuts the plastic in the middle. Once you’ve done that you pull on 2 and 3 and you’ll notice that the rice and nori were separated from each other by plastic. By pulling out the plastic in between the rice now rests inside the nori


Time to eat!



(this one was filed with tuna and mayo)

After lunch we headed back into Akihabara again.


Bought some more stuff, got scammed by the ufo catchers, and headed towards a Coco for our last dinner in Japan.


On our way back to the hotel we ran into a lot of maids which were all handing out flyers for the maidbar they worked for, tough competition!


Now back at the hotel it’s time to figure out how to get all this stuff in our suitcases…


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