Souvenirs, knives and arcade!

Today we started with a visit to Meji Shrine.

It was a bit crowded but still it took us away from the busy streets.



Afterwards we did some souvenir shopping in Harajuku. Also here there were a lot of people but it was a great place to visit.


We also spent probably over an hour on Shinjuku station, we read that they had a wall filled with all the Yu-Gi-Oh cards ever made, but unfortunately they were already removed :-[

In the afternoon we went to one of the best knife shops in Japan to get some good kitchen knives for our kitchen. It cost quite some money but it’ll be worth it! (they also look awesome)


For dinner we decided to walk towards Kanda, where we found (another) BBQ style restaurant, although this time it was a bit more tricky.

Outside we noticed something with unlimited drinks, but when we asked for the English menu it didn’t say anything about that. After some mobile phone translation with one of the waiters we decided to just go for it. We started with some drinks, Marcel went for beer and Rhonja decided to go for sake (which gets filled for a few seconds after the glass is full)


Although we weren’t sure what we were getting into, we felt a bit safe knowing that it would all be beef.

When our first plates of meat arrived we just put everything in the grill, but one piece of meat really stood out. It was quite Oishii! (delicious)

When we asked the waiter what is actually was we found out we were quite fond of beef tongue 😛

Every piece of meat we put on the grill was amazing, although we weren’t quite sure we probably had most parts of the cow by now…


After dinner Rhonja was a bit tired so we headed back to the hotel, while Marcel headed into Akihabara.

In one of the arcades he met this Russian guy who was a real fan of a particular rhythm game (unfortunately no photos) and Marcel played against him.

Marcel got his arse kicked a bit, but he had a good excuses since his arm was still a bit sore (the game mainly involved slamming buttons, which didn’t help the pain much)

That were all adventures for today, tomorrow we’ll probably do some more souvenir shopping since it’ll be the last day in Japan 🙁

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