What goes up…

We had a great day in Hiroshima and were off to a great start with breakfast. Or so Rhonja thought, when grabbing a nice looking salad at our breakfast buffet.


What appeared to be seaweed, taugé and other nice things turned out to be seaweed, tiny whole fish, and other things. It didn’t taste bad, just weird, and the idea was too weird for the early morning so that was flushed with plenty of bacon.

After breakfast we headed to memorial park to get on the boat to Miyajima.

At Miyajima we found, as expected, many deer. DSC00378-1

They were lazy. And hungry. We spotted a deer eating a plastic bag a person was holding.

After we dropped off our luggage we headed towards mt. Misen, passing the great Torii and the world’s largest rice spoon towards the beginning of our hike. Because obviously we can handle a 2.3km route towards the summit! It was a harsh route with uneven and regularly way too high steps, but the views were lovely and made it all worthwhile.


Here Marcel was still running…


And after a while we were treated to these awesome views!

And after 80 minutes (instead of the advertised 90) we arrived at the spectacular viewing point atop mt. Misen.


As you can see the weather was taking a turn for the worse, so we decided to take the ropeway down the mountain. And we would have, were we not Dutch and it didn’t cost 10 euro’s each. So we hiked back down again in an impressive 35 minutes. On the way down Marcel slipped and hurt his arm. It didn’t seem too bad and Rhonja had a good laugh since she had just warned him to go slower. But unfortunately the pain did not subside overnight.

When we finally returned to the ryokan (hotel) we were treated to a wonderful traditional Japanese room.  (with a view of the sea) DSC00468-1

The traditional Japanese bedding took some getting used to but while Rhonja happily snored away, Marcel was in pain because of his arm.

After the next breakfast (without tiny fish) we asked the hotel if they knew of a clinic nearby and received directions for the next town over. When travelling there we felt a little lost as our route wasn’t very tourist-like whatsoever. But the people at the hospital were very friendly and even though they barely spoke English they did have a handy booklet we could fill out to describe what was wrong.

One x-ray later and we were soon outside again with a new sling and some pain medication.


Even though we had to change plans because Marcel was stupid enough to fall down, we had a wonderful day with mild weather which we spent strolling around the city centre of Osaka. There was so much we haven’t seen it all yet, but we did have a lot of fun at a particular arcade. First just looking around the vending machines, seeing the many cool and weird things like this shifty looking pikachu.


But among the arcade cabinets many of which Marcel unfortunately couldn’t use, we did find a Luigi’s Mansion? That was certainly a new one worth trying out! Time to bust out our vacuums and deal with a ghost infestation! Just look at those little plastic vacuums. It was awesome.


But it was soon time to head to our restaurant where we made a reservation. Passing by many great smelling restaurants on our way there it once again turned out to be a great choice. The staff was really kind and spoke decent English, but the food was amazing. We had a lot of fun trying the different cuts of meat, cow heart, intestine and “quality stomach” (and octopus) since we went for an all you can eat/drink arrangement. Obviously we ordered wagyu beef with every order.


Because of Marcel’s injury were not sure yet what we’ll be doing tomorrow but we’re sure to have a blast! ^o^

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